If I told you there’s a way to live in loving unity across races even while a broken culture surrounds you, would you want to know what that was?

The Needle Mover Effect’s Transformative Healing Seminars represent our path to healing hearts from the negative impact of oppression-related brokenness.

The following are the seminar experiences for our organization:

  • God’s Divine Unity & Oneness (Race, Biblical Justice, & Biblical Oneness)

  • The Lies of Secularism & Idols of Culture

  • Identifying the Lies of False Identity

  • Confessing Unforgiveness

  • The God Who Sees & ProvidesA Kingdom Response to Justice and Material Equity

  • Becoming Like Jesus Biblical Literacy & Spiritual Formation

As individuals and communities journey through our healing path, we believe:

  • Brokenness is healed.
  • True freedom in Jesus is realized and enjoyed.
  • Divine Oneness is created in communities across the globe.

There are two ways you can help us bring our seminars and learning experiences to churches, communities, and individuals that desire healing and unity.

1. Our $5 Friend Community

You can help us launch our seminars this fall by becoming a monthly $5 Friend.

$5 Friends is a community of people who, through their monthly contributions of $5 or more, play a crucial role in enabling The Needle Mover Effect to create and launch our healing journeys.

These journeys are specifically designed to address oppression-related brokenness, making your support instrumental in our mission.

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