What if I told you it only takes $144 to help a child close reading gaps and improve comprehension?

This year on Giving Tuesday, you can give intentionally to help a student close learning gaps perpetuated by our recent pandemic or other life circumstances that impact their ability to thrive in the classroom.

Who We Are

Needle Movers for Social Equity is a non-profit organization working to create more equitable communities and culture in America.

We focus our work around three pillars:

  • Closing Education Gaps

  • Decreasing Wealth Gaps

  • Bridging Communities with Safe Conversations

Our Mission

We believe that true equity can be achieved as we seek the heart of God regarding restoration and racial reconciliation, but no matter your faith or spiritual beliefs, every person can contribute to creating a more equitable society.

Our desire is to come alongside schools, churches, organizations, corporations, families and communities in order to help them create and sustain cultures and practices that support racial equality.

Our Giving Tuesday campaign is focused on raising the funds needed to support our R.I.S.E. Education Program.

We can do this together.

Our R.I.S.E. (Recharging Individualized Student Education) Program is currently supporting 11 students in Smyrna, GA as a group called UpTutoring Unleash Potential utilizes our curriculum in their work with Smyrna Elementary and Middle School children.

In the 2022 – 2023 school year, our goal is to grow to serve 125 children as we partner with youth tutor programs, schools and parents in their work to overcome learning deficits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or other barriers to education experienced by marginalized students.

In order to accomplish this, our Giving Tuesday Campaign goal is to raise $18,000 ( $144 x 125 students).

I’m confident that we can make that happen by raising the funds needed on Giving Tuesday!

Our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal is to raise $18,000.

There are two ways you can give:

Be a General Donor: Any person giving a financial gift between $25 – $250.

Be a Matching Gift Donor: Any person that desires to give a finacial gift of $500 – $5,000.


A gift of $575 supports 4 students
A gift of $720 supports 5 students
A gift of $1,008 supports 7 students!

Watch this Giving Tuesday message from our Executive Director.

Our R.I.S.E. Reading Curriculum has been written for 3rd and 6th grade reading levels, which are important placement testing years for students.

In order to meet the needs of students in other grades, we currently scaffold our curriculum to address their specific academic support needs.

Click here or the image below to view a sample of a 3rd grade lesson used to tutor our students.

Here’s what tutors have to say about working with our R.I.S.E. curriculum.

Your Giving Tueday donation will help us add the following to our program:

Design a Multi-tiered Curriculum Approach

We will use our current 3rd and 6th grade curriculms as our foundation to create lessons specific to other grade levels in order to support a student’s needs as they matriculate from 1st – 8th grade.

Launch a Parent & Tutor Portal

We will open a web-based portal where parents can log-in and follow their child’s work as well as a Tutor Portal where they will access all of their lessons, supplements, and report student progress.

Enhance with Interactive Enrichment

Create more robust interactive enrichment activities for tutors, students, and parents in between tutor sessions. 

Add Text Communication

Add a text communication service to improve tutor-to-parent communication. 

Translate Materials

We will translate all our written and video lessons and parent communications in Spanish.

Add Summer Enrichment

Create a 6-week summer enrichment curriculum for tutors to use that improves retention for students and minimize the “summer slide” – loss of learning that’s common during summer breaks.

Your generous support will play an important part in making the above a reality. We invite you to prayerfully participate in our 2021 Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign.

Give today or by Tuesday, November 30.