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Do you feel like the word “diversity” gets thrown around a lot?

Do you ever hear people boast or complain about how diverse (or not) their churches, schools, or neighborhoods are?

Have you ever wondered if it was really necessary to have a diverse group of friends or people to do life with?

In this episode of the Needle Movers for Social Equity Podcast, Sam and Deanna are navigating a conversation on what diversity is and isn’t and exploring if it is a contributor – at all – to creating a more equitable culture in America.

What you’ll hear:

  • What diversity is… and what it isn’t.
  • We talk about how we think God feels about diversity.
  • An exploration of a few areas we think diversity is important.
  • And we’ll introduce our brand spanking new FREE Family Resources Vault, powered by the Needle Movers for Social Equity Podcast!

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