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Welcome to Needle Movers for Social Equity

Dedicated to closing equity gaps between the majority population in America and people of color in education, wealth generation, and by bridging communities.

Who We Are

Needle Movers for Social Equity is a non-profit organization working to create more equitable communities and culture in America.

We focus our work around three pillars:

  • Education
  • Decreasing Wealth Gaps
  • Bridging Communities with Safe Conversations

Diversity & Inclusion Book List for kids!

One of the first places to start anti-racist and DEI work is within our own homes with our children. Raising children with the openness to diverse relationships and sensitivities to the lived experience of other cultures within America is a first step to developing their hearts to desire equitable communities, schools, churches, and workplaces – they’re the next generation of leaders after all.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe that true equity can be achieved as we seek the heart of God regarding restoration and racial reconciliation, but no matter your faith or spiritual beliefs, every person can contribute to creating a more equitable society.

Our desire is to come alongside schools, churches, organizations, corporations, families and communities in order to help them create and sustain cultures and practices that support racial equality.

A Word

From Our Founder

” I believe that with God, we can significantly close the equity gap in America on person at a time, one heart at a time.

When the hearts of men and women change and reshape in a way that makes room for God’s desire for equity for all, the impacts of those heart changes can be seen and felt in our families, in our communities, and in all the places we lead and influence.

So let’s all get to work changing our hearts so that every human lives feeling equal in the sight of God and man.”

– Deanna Mason

Pillar Focuses

Our Work

Although there are many areas of focus and need for diversity, equity, and inclusion work (DEI), we are focusing our efforts in three different areas:

  • Education
  • Income and Wealth Gaps
  • Bridging Conversations & Communities

Watch the short video below to learn more.

Educational Gaps
  • Provide support to schools, educators, and parents to close academic gaps.
  • Provide diversity and inclusion training opportunities.
  • Help schools develop and cultivate and implement a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing short and long-term support.
Income & Wealth Gaps
  • Employment identification and readiness programs.
  • Employee retention training.
  • Salary negotiation training.
  • Entrepreneurship training.
  • Wealth building programs.
  • Company diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops and consulting for short and long-term support.
Bridging Communities with Safe Conversations
  • Closing the understanding and communication gap between the majority population and people of color.
  • Create opportunities for safe small group discussions.
  • Empower small groups to mobilize around our equity pillars within their local communities.


Needle Movers for Social Equity – the podcast

The Needle Movers for Social Equity Podcast is where we create safe spaces for conversations around racial and social equity topics while exploring them from a Biblical lens.

#06 The Freedom, Comfort, & Ease You Long For

#06 The Freedom, Comfort, & Ease You Long For

In this episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on the passage of Colossians 2:8 – 15, in an effort to discover what Jesus defines as true liberation, and how his believers can enjoy the freedom, comfort, and ease they desperately longed for in the midst of real life suffering and oppression from their Roman government.

#05 A Conversation About Gender Equity in Sports

#05 A Conversation About Gender Equity in Sports

In this episode we’re exploring the topic of gender equity in sports, asking questions about the reasons why inequities are there, and what steps need to be taken to close the gap between male and female athletes competing at high levels.

#04 A Prayer for Afghanistan

#04 A Prayer for Afghanistan

If you’re struggling with words to say or pray to God, it’s my hope that this episode is a tool you can use – at any time – to pray over Afghanistan and the people living through these terrible times.

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