We push the needle of oppression-related brokenness toward healed and whole hearts by training in Biblical literacy, transforming hearts through spiritual formation, and practicing good works toward oppressed communities.

“I believe there’s a significant healing effect on oppression, inequity, and disunity amongst humanity when we allow our hearts to be transformed by Jesus.”

~Deanna Mason, Founder

What is an EFFECT?

An EFFECT is a change that results when something is done or when something happens.

What does The Needle Mover Effect DO?:

We guide Spiritual Formation by teaching people to inductively study the Bible and encouraging believers to practice the faith disciplines Jesus modeled, such as prayer, generosity, and weekly Sabbath.

We also practice intentional acts of love and good works toward those negatively impacted by oppression-related injustice and inequity.

Watch our 1-minute video below to learn more.

The Resulting EFFECT…

We believe as a result of our individual spiritual formation and intentional acts of good works:

Brokenness is healed.

Hearts change as individuals practice spiritual disciplines.

Behaviors change as a result of heart transformation.

The world is drawn to Jesus.

Slowly but surely, the world changes and begins to reflect God’s kingdom and love for humanity.

Deanna Mason

Founder of The Needle Mover Effect

Deanna is a Bible Teacher, wife, mother, and forever apprentice of Jesus.

She dreams of creating gentle spaces for safe conversations around race and desires to provide learning experiences that guide us all to God’s heart and love for humanity.

Deanna believes that with God, we can significantly heal oppression-related brokenness one person at a time, one heart at a time.

When the hearts of men and women change and reshape in a way that makes room for God’s love for all, the impacts of those heart changes can be seen and felt in our families, in our communities, and in all the places we lead and influence.

Let’s all work on changing our hearts by spending time with Jesus, allowing him to transform us into a new divine kingdom.

Plan a Spiritual Formation Event With Us.

We would love to discuss teaching your group how to inductively study the Bible or hosting a healing spiritual formation experience—email deanna@needlemovers.org to schedule a time to discuss your needs.


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